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We love to travel. And we love cats.

But when we travel, we miss our cats. And we know they miss us. (Even if they don’t always show it.)

That thought is what spurred the idea for Stay with Stella: finding a way to make being away from our cats less unpleasant. So we combined that desire with the ideas behind the sharing economy to create a community of cat lovers who love to travel.

The fact that we’ve created a marketplace for inexpensive places to stay in New York, and inexpensive cat sitting is a bonus. The real value to us is in the quality of the travel experience and the quality of the care our cats get.

Rather than staying in a cheerless and super-expensive hotel in the heart of the midtown, you can stay in neighborhoods all over the city. New York’s incredible mass transit system means you can get to just about any attraction you want quickly and easily. And staying for free is a whole lot nicer than the bargain rates that make those cookie-cutter hotels attractive in the first place.

And even though you’re likely to be out and about taking in all the city has to offer, the time you spend at home at the beginning and end of the day  – and overnight, of course – provides way more attention and companionship to your host’s cats.

Everybody wins. We’re glad you’re along for the ride with us and hope you’ll help spread the word. (Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.) The more cat lovers who love to travel we can add to the Stay with Stella community, the more opportunities there will be for all of us.

Sheila Sund -

Photo by Sheila Sund