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Miss Lily

Lily was born in a junk yard in the Bronx. Some kids threw her into the yard of a pit bull rescue home with 12 pit bulls in the yard. Miss Lily outwitted the pits. I adopted her when she was around 2 (by mistake (-:) and brought her home where I already had 2 dogs and a cat. Miss Lily outlived them all.

junk food diet of Fancy Feast and treats--anything else brings a look of disdain followed by a hunger strike--Important data is this: In her mature years, she has discovered she can talk. And, she does. Not all the time, not much of the time, hardly any of the time, but when she does, you will hear her. She drinks a good amount of water. She will frown at food sometimes--she's testing to see if she can do better. If you are a sucker, like me, you will throw something good on top of it or try another can.

Everything about her needs are special to her--from you, just back scratches and affection (when she knows you a bit better). She can let out a huge meow when she is hungry, so leave her food before you go to bed. She sleeps most of the day.