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Frankie is very outgoing; he enjoys being petted and getting picked up. If he nips at all it's very soft and meant as play. He's a great cat.

But... he's not the man he used to be; he's lost a lot of weight in the past year or so. He's lost a lot of his athletic abilities.
He needs help getting on and off higher surfaces like a bed or couch.




Alex is a bit aloof. He’s a great jumper and often finds himself on the kitchen counter. He’s not a big fan of being picked up or held for too long.

He gets very excited about food and is a serious treat whore. You'll notice he'll jump on the counter when you’re about to get fed or if he thinks he might get a treat.

Please be careful. And if you need to pick Alex up don't hold him with his claws facing you. Again, it's not aggressive but he might squirm to try to get away and inadvertently scratch you. Alex likes to play with the crinkly balls - if you throw one he can entertain himself for hours.