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I rescued Linda from a busy Harlem street in 2012. I could write a long story about her, but to be concise, it turned out she was basically kept as a mouser with a super of an apartment building, and when he moved around the corner, he said she was lost but then he said he wants her to have a better home. He was feeding her dog food on a pair of jeans; she has had health issues since being with me. she came into my life when I was having a traumatic event, and then a dog who my then-roommate was fostering and who I got very attached to suddenly went back to her guardian who had been in jail. Linda was very sweet from the beginning. People who met her said she is special or "I hit the jackpot". Linda is the matriarch of my cat crew, and keeps everyone in line. She sleeps next to me or on me just about every night. I love her alot, and am not prepared for the day I lose her.

She needs healthy wet food, can eat a little dry, but preferably not. I am directed to put water and a little salt in her food currently, by her homeopathic vet. She eats small portions throughout the day, so every time she goes in the kitchen to eat, I make sure she has something, because she has been getting skinnier.

She is on homeopathic treatment from a previous pancreatic issue, but also for hairball discomfort which causes her to feel nauseous and not eat, and other things. So she cannot have catnip or anything that can antidote the homeopathic medicine. (Some foods or treats have peppermint, or toothpaste - so I stay clear of them.) She has few teeth, and her gums get inflamed. I rub coconut oil or slippery elm on them to soothe her.


Petunia was abandoned in a laundry room when she was just 4-5 weeks old. I found her on a Monday, when I wasn't normally there. She was full of fleas, and hungry, taken from her mother too soon. But she has always been a gentle, loving and playful cat. She and Linda became good friends. She may have been the runt of the litter, as she backs off when my other 2 cats eat from her bowl. Petunia never scratches, but sometimes bites playfully or trying to tell me she's hungry. She likes to sit in my lap, and likes being brushed. Since young, she lets me clip her nails and brush her teeth. Petunia will be 4 in April.

She tends to be finicky, but likes Fancy Feast and Triumph, Max Cat. She prefers dry but I don't want to give her dry all the time. I make raw food but she eats it only sometimes.

Petey bites her, which she doesn't like, so a sitter would have to break up this when it happens.

I rescued Coco and Petey from outdoors, because the woman who was feeding them decided she had too many pets. They were just kittens, 5 months and 8 months. Petey, who will be 2 next month, used to chew my hair and bite, but has improved so much; he has stomatitis which I control with Plaque-off and homeopathic treatment. He loves playing with Cat Dancer and wand toys. He likes being petted and brushed, and likes to play rough with Coco and Petunia - Linda doesn't play with them. Coco (will be 2 in June), along with Petey, was likely taken from her mother and siblings too soon. They seem to not know when to back off when the other cat is hissing or growling. Coco is very playful and amusing - she plays with anything she can find - twist ties, buttons, pine cones, bottle caps, as well as toys. She is very beautiful (all my cats are, in my opinion) and has medium-long black hair. Her eyes are very loving. They love to look out the windows at the birds and other cats; sometimes they see possums and insects. Coco made friends with a homeless cat who started coming to the window; at first she was scared. Coco and Petey have taken over (the cat tree, the window bed) and I think Linda and Petunia are not that happy about it, but have accepted them.