Trust & Safety

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Messaging & Verification

Get to know potential Hosts or Sitters through Stay with Stella’s messaging system. All members have their own inboxes.

What Hosts should ask a prospective Sitter…

Why are you traveling? Business? Leisure?

Is it your first time visiting our city?

What’s your experience with cats?

Do you currently have a cat? How many?

Have you had a cat previously?

Are you comfortable with a special needs cat? (e.g. administering medicine or shots)

What Sitters should ask a prospective Host…

What’s your house/apartment like?

What’s it’s proximity to key attractions/central business district?

Is it convenient to mass transit?

What’s your cat’s personality? Craves attention? Prefers to be left alone?

Any special needs? Quirks?

Profiles & References

To participate, both Hosts and Sitters must register and post a profile about themselves on Stay with Stella. We’re in beta now; in the near future, you’ll be able to see what other Hosts and Sitters have said about their experiences with them.

Building a trusted community of cat lovers

Both Hosts and Sitters can write reviews after each stay. (Coming Soon)