How to Create a Great Sitter Profile

As a Sitter, you’re not just asking renting someone’s home for the night. You’re being entrusted with the care of a beloved pet. That means Hosts will want to know a bit about you and your experience taking care of a cat. Here are some tips for creating a winning profile:

  • Tell us little about yourself (and your traveling companion) – where do you live, what you do for a living and your interest in traveling. Make it personal so it’s easier for Hosts to get to know you and feel comfortable with you as a Sitter.
  • Describe the cats you have now. Yes, we want to know everything!
  • Don’t have a cat now but you’ve had one in the past? That’s cool. As long as you’ve had experience taking care of a cat, you can be a Stay with Stella Sitter.
  • Have a dog, too? We love dogs! Be sure to include the whole gang in your description.
  • Includes photos of yourself, your traveling partner and your pets. Candid shots of you are always better. This ain’t a job interview or casting call!
  • Some cats have special needs. Be honest about your comfort level with anything out of the ordinary. Are you OK giving a cat medication? How about daily injections?