Most New Yorkers know that there are some pretty significant restrictions on services like AirBnB in the city. For example, with few exceptions, it is illegal to rent your apartment on a short-term basis unless you are residing in the apartment at the same time. This is true for rental apartments, condos, and co-ops. And short-term is usually considered to be rentals of less than 30 days.

On top of that, there are almost always rules put in place by landlords, property managers, and condo boards / homeowners associations. Fortunately, that’s not what Stay with Stella is. Since no money changes hands between the sitter and the host, it’s more like having a friend stay in your apartment to look after your cat while you’re away. Of course, there are still rules and regulations about that kind of exchange. And because of the popularity of services like AirBnB, they change all the time. Check the specifics in your community and with your building’s management before you become a Stay with Stella member.

Finally, your homeowners insurance policy may require additional coverage for damage or liability.

We want everyone to be safe and to stay and protected.