Stay with Stella is a community of cat lovers who love to travel. If you love cats and love to travel – and love to save money – you’ll fit right in.

Travel can be expensive. Even worse, you can wind up paying a lot and getting a little. As in, paying a lot for a hotel in a business district lacking the charm and nightlife you’re after. Or paying a lot for a cat sitter who shows up, puts down a bowl of fresh water and more kibble, and leaves 15 minutes later.

That’s where Stay with Stella steps in. We’ve created a community where liked-minded folks can help one another find inexpensive places to stay in New York City and get great care for their cats.

Here’s how Stay with Stella works:

  1. Join Stay with Stella. Right now, membership is free, so that’s pretty tough to beat. You can join as a host, a sitter, or both.
  2. Complete your profile. This is critical as it’s the best way to introduce yourself to fellow Stay with Stella members.
  3. Explore the site to meet other members. Use the messaging system to get to know them.
  4. When you’re ready to travel, post your availability, either as a sitter or as a host looking for a sitter. You can even post an availability with open dates if your plans are flexible.
  5. Connect with a fellow member whose plans mesh with your, get to know one another, and nail down the details.

Sitters get a free place to stay. Hosts get free cat sitting. And cats gets more love and attention than a paid cat sitter is likely to have time for.

So we hope you’ll come along on the ride with us. We’ll share everything we can about being a good cat sitter, being a good host, getting the most out of your travel dollar, and keeping your cats as healthy and happy as they can be.