House Rules & Policies

House Rules

If you’re planning on being a host, you’ll need to create a list of House Rules. These rules can cover anything that’s important for Sitters to know, including:

  • Limits/prohibition on smoking
  • Areas/items in the home that are off-limits
  • Whether or not if it’s OK to eat any food or beverages
  • Permission to have visitors

We’ve created a template that you can edit to best suit your needs. Once you’ve engaged a Sitter, send them the House Rules so they can review and be comfortable with your policies before requesting a reservation.

(You can download the Google Doc we’ve created and adapt it as you create your own listing.)

House Manual

A House Manual explains how features of the listing work. Anticipate the needs of your Sitter and your cat. Be sure to cover these items:

  • Indicate what kind of property it is, describe the neighborhood you live in and what Sitters will find nearby.
  • Include all of the fun things – local attractions and points of interest.
  • Note any quirks, whether charming or unflattering.
  • Include day-to-day conveniences like how to use mass transit, the local pub, great spots for coffee, even the nearby dry cleaner.
  • Indicate what’s included – everything from the hair dryer to sheets and linens, where to find extra blankets, coffee and snacks.
  • Internet connectivity – include the Wi-Fi account name and password.
  • Instructions for heat and air conditioning, television, DVR, Apple TV, TiVo, etc.
  • Taking out the trash/replacement garbage bags, location of toilet plunger, replacement paper products.
  • Where to park, mass transit.
  • Locking up/home security system
  • Interacting with building staff (if any) and neighbors.
  • Emergency numbers (e.g. building super, plumber, handyman, etc.).

Of course, you’ll also need to provide details on how to take care of your cat:

  • Location of cat food and treats, cat toys, litter/scooper.
  • How often should the cat be feed.
  • When is appropriate to give your cat a treat?
  • Does your cat enjoy being petted or prefers to be left alone?
  • Any particular idiosyncrasies about your cat that the Sitter should be made aware?
  • Any special needs? (e.g. medicine, injections) Where is this stored?
  • Emergency numbers for veterinarian/local animal hospital.

It’s the responsibility of the Host to review the House Rules and Manual with prospective Sitters and follow up by emailing a pdf. It would also make sense to have a hard copy available when the Sitter arrives.