Bed-Stuy Street Scene

If you’re thinking of taking a cat-sitting gig on the Stay with Stella site in the East Village, here’s what you need to know about the neighborhood.

What’s It Like?

Not as scruffy as it once was – it’s widely considered the ancestral home of punk rock – the East Village is still one of New York’s most lively and exciting neighborhoods. The bar and music scene are still legendary and there are many restaurants.  

Where Is It?

As with all NYC neighborhoods, the borders are open to interpretation and even fierce debate for some, but the East Village is generally agreed to be bounded by 14th Street and the Bowery to the north and south, respectively. East and west are a bit fuzzier, but the Bowery and Third Ave are pretty close. Either way, you’re on the Lower East Side. 


Many boutiques in the area and you’ll want to do your shopping during the daytime when the neighborhood is a bit quieter. Here are some shops you might want to check out.


You won’t find many white tableclothes in the East Village – or snooty waiters – but you will find an eclectic array of cuisines to choose from. Not quite the melting pot that is Astoria, but pretty close. And you can pick you price point. Eater’s East Village choices.

Getting Around

You’ll find the following subway lines running through the East Village: the 6, F and V, and N and R. There is also a variety of bus routes. And the area is well served by taxis, Uber and Lyft, as well. 

What Else?

It’s all about the music scene, really. 

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