If you’re thinking of taking a cat-sitting gig on the Stay with Stella site in Park Slope, Brooklyn here’s what you need to know about the neighborhood.

What’s It Like?

Park Slope is one of the classic “Brownstone Brooklyn” neighborhoods with many tree-lined blocks of three and four story brownstone and brick homes. Some of these are grand single-family homes while most are lovely multi-apartment houses.

Where Is It?

Park Slope is in Brooklyn and it’s about 35 or 40 minutes to many of New York’s most popular attractions. It’s right next to Prospect Park, which is where it gets its name. Many think Prospect Park is Central Park’s unsung, superior sister. (Both were designed by the same landscape architects.)


Seventh Avenue is the main drag and there are many retail opportunities.


Restaurant and bar choices abound. Again, Seventh Avenue offers the highest concentration. Check these articles in TimeOut New York on restaurants and bars.  

Getting Around

Park Slope isn’t as centrally located as some other neighborhoods. The F train runs regularly (though not all locals will agree on this) and it’s about 35 minutes downtown Manhattan and closer to 40 to midtown or Union Square areas. A number of other lines also hit the neighborhood. If you’re likely to be seeking out all of the night-life that Manhattan has to offer, you might find closer-in neighborhoods more attractive. If you want to squeeze everything in to all the daylight hours you can muster, and then head back home for dinner and a more neighborhood-y feel, Park Slope is great. You’ll find excellent dining and bar options in the neighborhood, though not with the pace or diversity of Manhattan.

What Else?

There’s music. Check it out here