Bed-Stuy Street Scene

If you’re thinking of taking a cat-sitting gig on the Stay with Stella site in Park Slope, Brooklyn here’s what you need to know about the neighborhood.

What’s It Like?

First, the neighborhood’s full name is Bedford-Stuyvesant. (As in Peter Stuyvesant.) Everyone pretty much calls it Bed-Stuy. 

As the hyphen would suggest, Bed-Stuy is really a combination of two neighborhoods. Stuyvesant was the ritzier of the two originally, though there’s no real distinction any longer. The neighborhood is remarkably well preserved architecturally and likely to remain so because parts of it are landmarked and protected from redevelopment. Think tree-lined streets and low-rise buildings. 

Where Is It?

Bed-Stuy is part of Brooklyn and is located near the north end of the borough. Flushing Avenue and Atlantic Avenue form its northern and southern borders. Broadway and Classon Avenue mark the east and west edges. As with most neighborhoods in New York, the exact boundaries are open for discussion.


Your main retail choices will be on Fulton Street, which runs the length of Bed-Stuy. 


While Bed-Stuy isn’t the culinary hub of New York, there are plenty of options for wining and dining. Here are Eater’s recommendations.

Getting Around

Choices, choices, choices. Plenty of bus lines serve the neighborhood, and subway lines include the A and C, the G, and the J and M. Bed-Stuy is pretty large, so which train works best will depend on where you are in the neighborhood and where you’re headed. You can be in Manhattan in under 30 minutes.  

What Else?

Bed-Stuy is a bit of an architectural wonder! It’s one of the largest intact examples of Victorian architecture anywhere in the country and much of it is largely intact. There are more than 8,000 buildings still standing that were built before 1800. 

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